Thursday, June 1, 2017

Calming Tool: DIY Glitter Jar

With the trend of fidget spinners sweeping across the nation, it's a great time to teach adults and kids about calming tools:  what they are, and why we need them.  Being able to calm down when we need it is so important for self regulation, and we can start this with even our little kiddos!

I've made a variety of calming tools through the years, and make these calming glitter jars at least a few times a year.  I've stuck with a consistent formula for a while now, and kids love them.  I use them as a tool to teach about mindfulness and calming out bodies.

So, gather your materials and an eager kids, and let's create!


A small water bottle-the "mini" kids waters are perfect size.  The shape isn't too important, but the round sports ones are my favorite.
Glitter Glue
Warm Water
Room Temperature Water

1.  Heat up warm water.  I usually do this in the Keruig machine at work.  You want it warm enough to melt the glitter glue a little bit.  Keep it in a separate mug. You want enough to fill about 1/2 of each water bottle.
2.  Have kids pick out one color of glitter glue, and one color of glitter.  I find this helps to reign in glitter explosions, but gives them choices and they get to customize their jar.
3.  One at a time, fill the water bottle half with warm water, and immediately squirt in about a tablespoon of glitter glue.  Close the bottle top and mix it around, trying to get the glue to melt a little.  It won't all the way, but it will do so over time.
4.  Then, open it back up, and pour in about a teaspoon of regular glitter.  Fill the rest of the bottle with room temperature water.
5.  Let kids give them a test and shake things up!  Again, I use this as a time to teach about how the glitter represents our own bodies and mind.  I like to print them out this to bring home, so parents know what they are for as well :)

6.  After testing, we do the most important step:  seal the tops of the bottles with hot glue!  (Or another strong glue of your choice)

These are a fun tool to make, and I see my kids using them often.  How do you make glitter jars?

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