Friday, February 5, 2016

5 More Pinterest Ideas

A while ago I shared some pins I love.  As much as I love Pinterest, sometimes I get overwhelmed at the ideas, and, more often than not, I pin something and then forget about it.  So here are 5 pins that I have actually used, and love!

I love reading books in groups, but I also love then someone else reads them!  This website has an animated version of Howard Wigglebottom books.

I need to write a post on these hearts (which are a great activity for following directions!).  They are perfect for Random Acts of Kindness or Valentines Day!

Let's face it-it's hard for kids to understand what we do.  I get called a social worker more than a psychologist. I love this counselor's idea and post about explaining her job to kiddos, and I use some of these when I go and talk to classrooms about my role.

I love a good check-in.  I pull this one out often as an alternative to my regular one because of the great t visuals.

 Let's face it:  Legos make anything more fun.  I have used this with a few different groups, and it's great for a variety of ages!

What are you pinning lately?

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