Friday, February 5, 2016

5 More Pinterest Ideas

A while ago I shared some pins I love.  As much as I love Pinterest, sometimes I get overwhelmed at the ideas, and, more often than not, I pin something and then forget about it.  So here are 5 pins that I have actually used, and love!

I love reading books in groups, but I also love then someone else reads them!  This website has an animated version of Howard Wigglebottom books.

I need to write a post on these hearts (which are a great activity for following directions!).  They are perfect for Random Acts of Kindness or Valentines Day!

Let's face it-it's hard for kids to understand what we do.  I get called a social worker more than a psychologist. I love this counselor's idea and post about explaining her job to kiddos, and I use some of these when I go and talk to classrooms about my role.

I love a good check-in.  I pull this one out often as an alternative to my regular one because of the great t visuals.

 Let's face it:  Legos make anything more fun.  I have used this with a few different groups, and it's great for a variety of ages!

What are you pinning lately?

Monday, February 1, 2016

Random Acts of Kindness 2016

Last year, my favorite school wide activity was RAK week-except we did it for a month, because collecting hundreds of hearts was a little more than a week's worth of work.  Essentially , we asked       all students and staff to complete any acts of kindness that they could think of (we also gave suggestions), and write them down on red hearts we distributed.

This is such an easy project for a class or school,  and I just updated mine for this year.  Use my FREE template here!