Friday, February 13, 2015

RAK week

Every year, I plan to do something for Random Acts of Kindness week.  Then, January comes, and I can barely survive the new referrals and evaluations, I forget all about it.  This still happened this year, but because of the school climate program I recently rolled out at my school, I was more motivated to get it done.  I recruited my social worker and a parent volunteer to do a pretty easy activity school wide.

RAK week
At the beginning of RAK week (February 9th), I went home a letter to parents about a school-wide project.  I asked every student, teacher and family to complete an "act of kindness", and write it on a heart.  I sent 2 hearts home with every student, and started collecting them the net day, and displaying them throughout the school.

I also sent some ideas to teachers; a quick youtube video and some ideas for discussion about kindness in their classrooms.
Sculpy clay hearts we made to make people smile

A little chocolate makes everyone smile!

I love reading the acts and hanging them up!  I'm going to choose one from each grade to read at our upcoming climate assembly.

I love that our students are thinking about others and kindness!

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