Thursday, August 27, 2015

Pinterest-5 ideas I've used and loved

I bet every teacher, counselor, school psych out there has explored pinterest for ideas at one time or another. It's great for group ideas, tips, etc.   The only problem?  I often pin things that I completely forget about!  I know I'm not the only one either!

I thought I'd share some ideas that I got from Pinterest that I have used and have been helpful in my practice.  Here's to all of the pins that have been lost!

If you haven't seen this chart  around, you should skip the pinning and print it now.  It's SO helpful for explaining test results and standardized scores.  I keep a copy in my office, and one in the conference room where we have our meetings.  

Let's face it, even with a sign as bright as this on your door, there will still be those one or two people who barge in just as you are administering a timed subtest.  However, this sign does deter most.  I've made an laminated a bunch for my team.  And it's free!

This activity is super easy to put together and is great for the start of the school year.  It addresses friendship, and pragmatics in one.

I do an Enemy Pie group session at least 5 times a year every year, because let's face it, friendship problems happen.  I have a ton of copies of these worksheets already printed out to use.

This pin isn't on an educational website, but a great idea from a mom.   I  used the exact format for teaching one of my students about feelings and facial expressions, and she loved it!  So fun and easy.

Now that I've used these, I have only 100,000 more pins to get to!

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