Thursday, January 28, 2016

Think Sheets

One of the reasons we started up a large school climate program at our school was to share some tools that teachers could use with their students' behavior.  Think sheets, in my opinion, are a fabulous tool to use when used appropriately.  Although kids don't love filling them out and bringing them home for their parents to review and sign (a necessity), they really are a good tool for turning problematic student behavior into a lesson:

What is a better choice to make next time?

That's really what we want them to learn, right?  That when a similar incident happens next time, they make a different choice, a better choice.

I designed my first think sheet 2 years ago in a pinch when I need something to use for a Kindergartener.  They couldn't write sentences, and I didn't want to have them dictate.  So, I figured drawing out the incident (and a better choice) next time would be a good idea.  I've added and changed it along the way, but this version is the most popular with teachers at my school, even in the older grades.

You can download this one page Think Sheet HERE  from google drive for FREE, or this and another 2 versions on my TPT store for a bargain.  Let me know how these work out for you and your students!

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