Friday, December 26, 2014

Facilitating Friendship Skills: Friend Files

While many of my students were vacationing and beaching, I spent my summer in the comfy air-conditioned office of one of our schools (no complaints there), helping my little sunshines learning social skills and more.  One of my favorite things I have done since working as a School Psychologist is running a week long "social skills" camp, that focused a lot on friendship skills and getting along with others.  My first summer working, I needed an activity that facilitated my little sunshines asking questions to each other to learn about what their friends liked.

Many of you are likely familiar with Michelle Garcia Winner's Social Thinking Program, and the concept of "friend files".  A great concept, but sometimes a little abstract for my students, so I designed a tool I have been using since, that gives a more concrete way of taking down info. about friends.  You can find this in my TpT store here.

I love this tool, and use it constantly.  It's especially great for kiddos who come with rotating peers.  Last year, I put a years worth of these together in a book all about that student's friends.

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